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I'm Too Young and Too Attracted To Others

2015.05.27 10:09 adviceseek1 I'm Too Young and Too Attracted To Others

I am 24 and have been in a monogamous relationship for 5 years. I have had sexual relations with only 3 women. I love my girlfriend and do want to be with her day after day.
But, I have had to turn down too many opportunities to be with (emotionally, physically, sensually, intimately, not JUST sexually) other women that if I was not in a monogamous relationship, I would have pounced on and had an incredible time.
What do I do? She would lose her mind if I asked for nonmonogamy, but I am positive that I cannot go my whole life having experienced so few women and I just feel like I'm wasting my youth and body-abledness.
I want to go to a bar and make out with that girl who I've been talking to. I feel like a dog who can only run to the end of his leash and bark. And it's not even just for sex. I'm not trying to rack up sexual experiences. I want to flirt, maybe just hang out, maybe just kiss, maybe whatever.
Any helpful input is greatly appreciated.
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abledating Chameleon online dating script review

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